New DNS service

The NYTimes today reviews a new DNS service called OpenDNS
I configured my computer to use OpenDNS’s DNS servers and one immediate benefit is that typos in the browser address bar are optionally redirected to the correct destination website.

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4 thoughts on “New DNS service

  1. Glad you are enjoying are service so far. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.
    Cool to know smart folks are still working on LDAP these days, making it easier to use and integrate. 🙂

  2. Last time I played with LDAP was with OpenLDAP and then I went home to simultaneously cry and slide metal rods under my fingernails to try and erase the pain of installing OpenLDAP.
    I will give it a try. I’ve been meaning to try also. Have you seen a comparison of the two anywhere or would I be the first? Or are they not comparable? (pardon my ignorance, I haven’t read up very much on either, yet)

  3. Hi David,
    The Fedora Directory is based on the old iPlanet Directory codebase that was jointly done by Sun-AOL-Netscape. It really doesn’t compare the ground up redesign of OpenDS let alone our current DS 6.x series. Check out these entries from one of our OpenDS architect’s blog
    This should have the details you are looking for. HTH…

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