more on HR-XML, Identity Management and Federated SingleSignOn

Following up on my meeting with Sara Moss, I attended a call today with some folks who offer solutions for the staffing industry. The attendees on today’s call offer solutions that pre-screen candidates during the hiring process – background checks ‘n all. The goal of today’s call was to define, for the HR-XML consortium, standards and methods for job applicants to single-sign-on to the pre-screening tool and the potential employer’s job application website.

Some ideas were tossed out, such as SAML, which of course Sun’s Federation Manager supports.

I will continue to participate in the HR-XML initiative. It could be interesting to extend Sun’s Identity Manager to include pre-screening requests and approvals, prior to the employee’s first day on the job. Combine that with Federation Manager for federated identity and we could have a neat solution…..

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