Life begins when you buy a minivan

There is an old joke that goes something like this:

Several priests and a rabbi are debating when life begins.
The priests vigorously argue conception, first trimester and birth. The rabbi
remains silent throughout. After heated debate they turn to him and ask: “Rabbi you are so silent,
pray tell us when does your religion declare that life begins?” To which the
rabbi simply answers : “Life begins when the children move out and the dog is

The saga began a year ago when our daughter and her two
friends began carpooling to school. My wife first entertained the idea of a
minivan and I scoffed at it demonstrating how three car seats fit very very
(very) snuggly into the rear seat of the Volvo wagon. When my wife made her first
attempt at buckling the middle seatbelt she broke a newly manicured fingernail.

I spent the next nine months driving carpool. 

In a month my son and his pal will join the carpool to
school. A friend of mine in a similar situation told me that Volvo station wagons
can fit an extra (rear-facing) bench seat, in the trunk. When I floated that
idea at home, my wife gingerly reminded me of her broken fingernail.

So she executed a typical Silicon Valley Craigslist search
and found a Honda Odyssey 2006 with low mileage, an extended warranty and sale
price below KellyBlueBook. She went to see the car and bought it.

Here one sees the benefit of marriage. Were it up to me, I
might have tried the rear-facing bench seat, given up in futility and then
kicked many tires before deciding which to buy letting a great deal slip away.

I resisted marriage – futile. I tried to delay having kids –
no good. I suggested we wait a little while longer before buying a home –
useless. I thought we did not need a mini-van -wrong!

Now that we have purchased a mini-van it appears we have
finally landed. My daughter can go to school and no longer lament that we are
the only family that does not have a mini-van.


One thought on “Life begins when you buy a minivan

  1. Conversation in the new car:
    DGG: Mommy, was this minivan very expensive?
    Mommy: Yes, Booby, that’s why we have to be very careful and keep it
    DGG: Did you and daddy spend all your money? Will we have any money
    Mommy: No, we didn’t spend all our money. We kept enough money for
    food and to pay your school.
    DGG: Do we get to keep this minivan or do we have to return it every
    week after school?
    Mommy: We get to keep it.
    DGG: Hurray!

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