Enterprise Role Management to be part of the Sun Identity stack

Sun has entered into an agreement to acquire VAAU a premier provider of Enterprise Role Management software.

Here is the press release

What is role management?

A role represents access rights to resources or data, that often corresponds to a business function. Example a tax manager has the rights to view financial data.

How do roles gel with Identity Management and Sun Identity Manager in particular?

If you have worked with Sun Identity Manager, you will have a assigned a role to a resource and then a user to that role to grant the user access to the resource.

Role management software simplifies that process especially in a large deployment with hundreds of applications and thousands of roles. Often roles usurp users in their quantity – more roles than users!

With good role management, security policies can be easier to manage and enforce, example ensuring users only have the roles they are entitled to, to perform their job.

Read more at VAAU’s website


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