Israel Web Tour 2008 & בלוג רישון בעיברית

Sun Microsystems was a sponsor of the Israel Web Tour -representatives from 15 select Web 2.0 Israeli startups visiting Silicon Valley. Representatives from the startups visited the Sun Menlo Park campus, on Tuesday February 5th, where Juan Carlos Soto briefed them in the Sun Executive Business Center.
I was fortunate to get a ticket to the showcase which took place at Microsoft on Wednesday the 6th of February. Each of the 15 companies had five minutes to pitch their company’s concept.
I was intrigued by:
1.5min    – user submitted content of “how to” guides.
2.AllofMe – you basically add photos and videos of yourself and your family and make an online movie of your life, relatives etc. What’s neat is you can zoom in or out to view a snapshot of your life on a day or even over a century.
3.BlogTv – blogging via video. The IsraelWebTour showcase at Microsoft was broadcast via BlogTv.
4.Clicktale & nuConomy – web analytics beyond page views. In particular, Clicktale can make a video of a customer’s entire interaction on your webpage. Thus for example, you can see why a customer completed half the shopping cart form and then discarded the transaction.  nuConomy will deliver reports on all customer interactions on your website.
5.Pageonce – an aggregation tool for all your finances, email, airline miles etc. It will also alert you, for example when a payment is due, when you are about to reach your maximum free cellular minutes or  when airline miles will expire.
6.Ply – a platform for video. They demo’d a cute video clip of the movie “When Harry met Sally” and the user can mouse over Sally and a little pop up window will display a brief bio of Meg Ryan.
7.Velingo (used to be Tagsense) – web search enhanced by tag words. Try it here: When I tried a search on Sun Microsystems, I got this: There is a firefox extension but for Windows only <sigh>

Now will have a go at blogging in Hebrew, painstakingly slow one letter at a time, as  I cannot touch-type in Hebrew

                                                                               סן מיפרו חברה טחנולוגי באמק הסיליקון נתמה חסות ל15 חברות ווב 2.0 לבקר אמק הסיליקון.

הם פגשו עים משקיעות וחברות.

נהנתי ליפגוש ישראלים וללמוד קצת ווב 2.0 תחנולוגים


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