Managing the security aspects of SOA

Joe McKendrick reflects on Forbes’ article that SOA turns IT departments into assemblers and managers of services.
Much of the IT department’s load can be lightened by using the Layer7 solution to manage:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Auditing
  • Encryption
  • Digital Signature

This way developers don’t have to worry about coding the above functionality and can focus on business logic. And IT can administer policies for the the above functions across all WebServices from one console.

Furthermore, application servers are relieved of the CPU and memory intensive functions required by:

  • XML transformation, parsing and validation

so that your XML applications are accelerated.

Does the above require yet more IT headcount? Not at all, since the easy to use GUI makes WebServices security and governance a cinch and the since the solution is available as software, VirtualMachine or an appliance installation is simple too.

Give it a whirl, here


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