Secure File Transfer for Healthcare organizations

I have researched several vendors who provide FileTransfer over SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS to send large binary files to customers, other departments, vendors etc.

This will be published soon


2 thoughts on “Secure File Transfer for Healthcare organizations

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I am the ‘chief architect’ of HI-IQ, the Quality Assurance software for Interventional Radiology, owned by SIR (the Society of IR).. nice to meet you.

    I’ve been looking to see if anyone’s using FTPS as the carrier for secure HL7 interfaces. Our product usesLink Medical’s ‘LinkTool’s to provide MLLP handshaking to a site-local host, and want to simply FTPS files from their site to ours for processing. No interactive Handshaking would be needed, since it’s already done by Linktools locally… and I’ve been pushing FTPS as a lower-cost, lower-maint solution.

    However, it seems that many HC IT personnel feel like they need to establish a VPN tunnel do do this, and have an implicit distrust for anything with the letters FTP in it. have you run into this at all?

    • Bob
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      I have not run into your scenario, but will call a few people I know and post another response soon.
      For now I just want to acknowledge your comment.

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