in response to John Zelski, “Healthcare Information Technology and The Future of Medicine”

I heartly endorse John’s thoughts on telemedicine, remote health and how technology can benefit medicine.

I believe what is sorely needed by physicians and patients, is security and trust that private health information will not be revealed to unauthorized personnel.  How does a device used at home transmit information securely and accurately to central computer servers? Is there any risk of information corruption along the way that results in either inaccurate or garbled medical information. Sure SSL (security) and digital signatures (confidentiality, information was not tampered) help, but that technology is slower and more challenging to properly implement.

In addition to the NPR patient access story I blogged about yesterday, I include this radio story as well:   Old-Fashioned Medicine Needs Assist From WiFi

Update: A blogpost from Intel on tele-medicine


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