HIEs, security and cloud EHRs


A quick question on your posting as I cannot comment on  your blog

Do you think that Regional Health Information Organizations (for example calrhio.org) will be supplanted by HIEs?


2 thoughts on “HIEs, security and cloud EHRs

  1. I think RHIOs are a form of HIE which has been around for a few years. Not a lot of uptake of them. I think the biggest likelihood for supplanting of RHIOs are the regional e-Health Collaborative efforts. I think that the NIHN will try to connect all comers – RHIOs (if they can incorporate the data standards, and have some actual data in them) and e-Health Collaboratives.

    I also believe that all of the HIE effort will yield small results, from a data-quantity standpoint, and will be surpassed quickly by newer technologies – namely, hosted EHRs that are able to share data across practices within its own intrinsic framework. Further, if several such hosted EHR networks evolve to contain considerable data, then connecting them is much simpler – it is a single point of integration between them, rather than “1,000 points of contact” needed to connect local legacy systems into regional HIE networks.

    p.s. – thank you for your feedback about technical difficulties with our blog’s commenting capabilities. Our internal resource person responsible for this (and multiple other things as well) is aware and is working on a fix.

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