Upcoming HIE webinar from Medicity

Register here for a webinar from Medicity, description below:

(Medicity’s HIE blog is here and a description of their Novogrid here)

In the wake of ARRA legislation, the healthcare community is awash in the vision of health information exchange (HIE) – both HIE as the action of exchanging patient information and HIE as an entity such as a RHIO – as they seek to achieve “meaningful use.”  However, the cost, complexity, and viability of health information exchange present a challenge that seems daunting to many constituents in the healthcare industry.

The Medicity approach to HIE focuses on the deployment of incremental, value-added services from the bottom up.  No matter what stage your organization has reached in the HIE planning or implementation process, a fundamental step must be to enable the exchange of health information between acute and ambulatory environments, with as many physician practices as possible. The Medicity Novo Grid technology accomplishes this connectivity rapidly, efficiently and economically.

In this online session, Medicity Vice President, Bill Sims will discuss how “getting on the Grid” solves real-world, practical HIE challenges, overcoming the obstacles created by a community of physician practices whose EMR adoption varies widely and is constantly evolving. Bill has worked directly with hundreds of community hospitals and large health systems to address a wide variety of these technological, regulatory and business issues and will discuss the proven solutions they have utilized.  This webinar will focus on the benefits of the Medicity Novo Grid to achieve immediate and meaningful value for hospitals and physician practices. 


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