Development of open EMRs/EHRs

John Halamka posted a refreshing entry about development of APIs that allow easier integration with EMRs and EHRs. Since I have been concerned in recent blog entries about how EMRs, EHRs and HIEs will integrate this was refreshing news.

I am going to dive in and examine some of the technologies described: XDR, XDM and XDS.

Some other initiatives I found that promote development of open healthcare technologies:

  • ihe – integrating healthcare enterprise
  • oht – open health tools
  • ohf – open health framework
  • openehr
  • openmrs

2 thoughts on “Development of open EMRs/EHRs

  1. I think it could save you some time to really get a handle on openEHR before OHT, OHF or OpenMRS, though admittedly it’s harder to find the resources to implement it properly given the private-dominated US healthcare system.

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