AMIA 2009 – highlights from the booths

I had the opportunity visit the booths at AMIA2009

A few items of interest:

  • OpenMRS – platform for developing medical records.
  • Medinfo to take place in South Africa next year, following on the heels of the FIFA worldcup, the country is going to be pretty busy
  • Many educational institutions offering courses including my own, UC Davis
  • Some fascinating medical technologies, of particular interest to me were clinitalk and diagnonsis one

2 thoughts on “AMIA 2009 – highlights from the booths

  1. How cool would it be to go to MedInfo in South Africa? I’m quite sure that would be an amazing experience. I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with HIMSS in March.

    • John
      As an ex-South African, it would be a wonderful country to visit.
      I will miss MedInfo and probably HIMSS too, but look forward to your blog updates

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