Health Internet vs NHIN: in pictures

I read with great interest, David Kibbe’s posting on the HealthCare blog, NHIN vs The Health Internet; that same week I also read Robert Rowley’s take on the NHIN vs The Health Internet.  So I thought I would sum up the two perspectives with two pictures. (Forgive the delay, I took a break over Thanksgiving)

  • NHIN – National Health Information Network – “is a collection of standards, protocols, legal agreements, specifications, and services that enables the secure exchange of health information over the internet.” Basically a Federal push for standards, specs and protocols to allow electronic data to be exchanged.
  • HealthInternet – an open-market standards-based approach to enable the exchange and sharing of electronic health data, using existing Internet standard protocols and web technologies.

So here then a graphical view of the two approaches


Health Internet


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