The D’s of Telemedicine: Denmark and Davis

This week I start the second course in my informatics certificate program from University of California, Davis, a class on Telemedicine taught by Dr Peter Yellowlees. Co-incidentally an article in the New York Times today on how Denmark embraces Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records.

Telemedicine offers many benefits to patients who are unable to visit a doctor on a regular basis. Using rapidly emerging technology, the patient can transmit medical data to their doctor using the Internet. A virtual medical visit. Watch this space for more on telemedicine as I plow through the class material.


One thought on “The D’s of Telemedicine: Denmark and Davis

  1. Jonathan
    Great blog page. It is nice to see that you have a light-hearted approach to some very serious and direct issues related to healthcare.

    Particular impressed with the story of your medical record and having to hand deliver despite what should have been a very straightforward web push.

    Also agree with the challenges of medical records and information overload. This is an area of personal interest. The information is great for the person creating but how do we know that the critical points are not lost on our audience (fellow professionals or patient)?


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