HIMSS – day three

I spent the final day working through the second hall of exhibits. The interoperability showcase was very interesting, in particular a demonstration of medical devices interoperating with an EMR: devices that measure patient vitals (blood pressure, pulse, oxygenation), alarms etc, feed their data directly into  the patient’s record in the hospital EMR.

Medical devices reporting data into an EMR

An amazing demo from Palantir, who are conveniently located a few miles from my home, showing how public health data is aggregated, analyzed, sliced and diced; a great tool for epidemiology.  Merge demonstrated a federated view of radiology images in DICOM format sourced from various PACS systems.

HIMSS provides wonderful opportunities to network. I had lunch with a representative of the California Association of Public Hospitals and we discussed opportunities provided by ARRA refunding and California LECs and RECs. I look forward to working further with the CAPH and thank you to my lunch guest. My collaboration with the Clinical Groupware Collaborative (CGC), provided great networking opportunities: I chatted briefly with Adrian Gropper ; per David Kibbe‘s suggestion, I met Randall Oates of Soapware, and ended the evening dining out with another CGC member, my mentor, Dr Steven Waldren.


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