Sun Identity Manager on Mac OS X

Earlier I blogged about installling OpenDS on Mac OS X.
Installing Sun Identity Manager 7.1 is just as easy with a minor tweak.

The “lh” script that sets up an environment for subsequent Java commands, is only aware of Unix, Linux and Windows.

A minor edit, in red font below, is required for the lh script to recognize the Macintosh Operating System ‘Darwin’

OS=`uname -s`
if [ “$OS” = “Darwin” ]; then

elif [ “$OS” = “SunOS” ]; then
    if [ “$SPECIFIC_OS” = “i86pc” ]; then
elif [ “$OS” = “AIX” ]; then
elif [ “$OS” = “HP-UX” ]; then

Thus, the standard procedure to install is as follows:

unzip                                            unzip the download
cd IDM_7_1_0          
cd db_scripts                                                       setup the database tables
mysql -u root < create_waveset_tables.mysql

( copy the mysql driver to WEB-INF/lib )

mkdir idm                                                           create a staging directory
mv idm.war idm
cd idm
jar -xvf idm.war                                                   unjar the .war file
export WSHOME=/Applications/idm                         set WSHOME
cd bin

( edit the “lh” script as per below )

chmod +x lh
./lh setup                                                              run setup
./lh setRepo -tMysql -ujdbc:mysql://localhost/waveset  run setrepo
cd ../sample
../bin/lh import init.xml                                            import init.xml
jar -cvf /Applications/idm.war *                                 create a new .war file

./asadmin deploy /Applications/idm.war                      deploy to the application server  


SAP & Maxware but no mention of Sun Microsystems?

Lori Rowland offers some analysis of the SAP acquisition of Maxware, vis-a-vis Oracle

Interesting that no mention is made of Sun Microsystems Identity Solutions, which Gartner gives highest ratings:
and Forrester calls and “”an identity management powerhouse.”

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IIW2007 (& OpenDS on my new Mac iBook Pro)

The opening of IIW2007 was wonderful. This is the first time I have attended this workshop and I plan to return!
I particularly like the open and casual forum where everyone is hear to learn without the pressure of a corporate sponsored and publicized event.
After reading blogs from Windley, Doc Searls as well as my Sun counterparts: Eve & Lauren, it is great to finally meet in person.

Although I planned to demonstrate Sun Identity Manager during speed geeking, I quickly realized that it would not be appropriate as it is not openSource (yet). So I decided to offer OpenDS. I made this decision on the spur of the moment and within ten minutes I had the latest build (0.8) up and running on my new iBook pro. I added jxplorer for those who prefer a gui interface to LDAP and those who stopped by my table got a preview to OpenDS. I am indebted to the wonderful work of Neil, Ludo and others who make this project possible. I look forward to the 1.0 version of OpenDS later this year.

More from IIW tomorrow……

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